Funny how the London bombs seems to be less critical to the peace than 9/11 in New York…I think maybe the less loss of lives is the reason – no firefighters died, no live TV coverage of collapsing buildings.

The european inteligence services avoided 15-30 terrorist attacs since 9/11. But none of them knew anything about this one. If the services was allert now as now – before 9/11 – that may have been avoided as well.

The services are doing a lot – but when is enough – and are we supposed to just adopt to this new day? We can not prevent terror by looking out for bombs in our cities.

Today I was watching Tour de France in the TV. The american team with Lance Armstrong as their captain semed to be very alert about anything on their way. This being both riders on his side – and railroadtracks on the ground. Is this how we all are supposed to be in our daily lives? Let no one unknown into our homes, not talking to strangers, staying away from all the dangerous things on our path? I guess some of us would find that kind of life rather boring. And if americans or others ever will enforce this boring way of living – I guess i would become a radical person myself.

Still just a thought – really I am a very nonviolent person.

As we are waiting for te London police to tell the true story about what happened (it will take some time to investigate), we can only sit back and wonder – will this change anything for my way of living? I guess not.

Will this change the minds of anyone radical? Probably not that either. So when it comes to it – it will all be forgotten in a year – only a few people died. But our lives will probably be a little more boring – this is the real threat.

This article have not been edited or prepared – its just a few thoughts. I will probably delete it in a week or so, it has no purpose on this website – but I wanted to share my concern for our freedom to not get bored.