Vemail is software that lets you record and send voice messages instead of text using ordinary email.
How Vemail Works: To send a voice message with Vemail simply enter an email address and then press and hold down F6 while speaking. When you have finished recording, the message will be compressed and sent as an email automatically. Almost anyone can receive and listen to the vemail as it can be played with the standard player installed in most PCs.

Today I have been made aware of a few more things. These issues have all been taken care of, and now the version 1.5 is released.

No known bugs for now.

I have made a new version of HTMLpages v.2 that allows creation of HTML and PDF documents. Its working smoothly, and I am going on to work with Pagesetter as well.

Today I have found a few bugs, that is critical for some users of the xFPDF module.
I removed all previous versins, and now the only version available is 1.2. Still for members only.Please join a discussion I started if you have ideas here:

To be used with feeds from the News module, PostCalendar and now also PagEd I now anounce a update.

The Download is free for all, no registration is needed.The Demo speaks for it self. See it here: DEMO

The file called xBackends.php is for PostNuke o.750 RC3, and the xBackend.php is for previous versions of PostNulke. I only tested it with 0.726, but I guess older versions will work as well.