Mange er vi der har ventet på dette øjeblik. Firefox v. 1.0 har i en stund være ude som pre-Release, har virket fint for blandt anden mig selv.

I added both a Autotheme version and a Xanthia version of the xTheme Shadows 2 theme that was released this weekend.
Get them under Free themes in the PostNuke downloads section.

You may get an error with the Autotheme version. If so change the theme to use only one type of summary in News.

Autotheme version

Xanthia version

Thanks to Lobos for pointing out some serious issues.

The theme images are changed to be "nice" in more browsers, and the W3C”>http://validato…quot;>W3C Validator seems to like the theme as well.Also I removed a lot of images that was not needed to run the theme.

I wanted to share this photo with you.

The photo presents the evening sun going down in the horison. The snow has begone to lay in the mountains. This is the first sign of the winter.

View”>http://www.lexe…uot;>View it here