Once again this year you can follow Tour de France with LEXeBus.NET.Go to Tour.LEXeBus.NET and see. The page is updated from CSC’s site, and trough the day you will see comments from the car of the teamowner Bjarne Riis.

If you have good ideas about links or other live content – please let me know – I will include it or create a link to the page.

April 2nd is going to be a day of fairytales in Denmark – for the world to see.Around the globe almost all humans on the planet will be able to follow a greatly planned event, celebrating the birthday of the wordls bigges story writer H.C. Andersen.
The event will be made in colaboration with all the biggest entertainment industry – celebrating one of their fathers.

For more information visit the website.

Today member no. 1.000 signed up to LEXeBus.NET.I just wanted to use this occation to thank all of you for the support I have recieved that last 2 years where this website have been alive.

It started as an idea for people like myself to join forces in developing or communinating, well at least i got what I wanted – knowledge through networking. My slogan as well. I promise you all if you do what I do – you gain the same. But I guess there is just too many websites out there doing the same – but I will keep asking people to join.

Big smile…

/Franz Skaaning

I have updated the xMenu download to include the menu I a musing here on LEXeBus.The included menu can be used just as the normal menu, but the beauty of this one is that it can be customised 100% via css.

Permissions is also the same as the ordinary menublock